Digital Strategy

How can digital technologies help transform  Laàs into a global community?

One of the basic concepts underpinning this case study is the belief that the best use of digital technologies is to capture the objectives, motivations, and actions of its members and potential supporters.

The community management platform NationBuilder is used here as a potential a multichannel approach to community management. 

Please keep in mind that any technology is just a tool that can be potentially used to solve a business problem. The business problems in this case revolve around the transformation of Laàs into a global community.

In his final deliverable, help the Principality lay the framework for their digital strategy:

Goals- How do the digital technologies support organizational objectives? How are these objectives quantified or qualified, and with what data can they be measured?

Portal-  The portal (the “frontend”) is designed to bring potential members into the center of the community. How is each piece of content (sections, pages, blogs…) designed to meet directly or indirectly an organizational goal?

Database-  The database (the “backend”) helps organize profiles of the community’s individuals and organizations. What information processes (“paths”) have you put in place to collect information?

Communication- A variety of communication channels ((Web pages, blogs, e-mail, SMS, and phone conversations) are available to enrich conversations between the organization and its members. Which channels do you privilege for which member profiles?

Finance- How is the digital strategy monetized to support the community? What are the direct and indirect costs and benefits?  Does the strategy support the marketing of products, services, experiences, or ideas?

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