The Principality of Laàs is situated in the heart of the region called Béarn des Gaves, in the southwest of France. It is the site of major tourist attraction of the region“Chateau Laàs”.

The Principality covers 6.53 square kilometers, with a population density of 18 inhabitants per km2.  

Neighbouring villages include Orriule to the north, Andrein to the north-west, Narp to the east, Barraute-Camu to the west, and Montfort to the south.

Mixing humor with an interest in increasing the touristic visibility of the village, the principality” has a “border post” and a barrier, always open!, a motto: “Passion and courage” and its own constitution that states that the direct taxation is forbidden in the “principality” and the vitality of the village is measured in “Bonheur Net Local” – or the Index of Local Happiness!

Recent  "savant mathematical calculations”, commissioned by the Prince, have placed Laàs exactly at the “center of the world”.