How can we transform data into action?

NationBuilder is a membership management platform designed to enrich community interactions. The plaform combines the functionality of a content management system and of a customer relationship management package.  

Although the plaform was orginally developed for NGO’s and Political Parties, it caters today to service and experience based organizations in a wide variety of markets.  

Let's build a portal for the Principality to promote the communities' objectives. 

Several design principles underlie the platform’s use scenarios:

  • Community objectives are quantified in goals that provide performance metrics for our project
  • The design of a Portal's navigation should mirror the processes (or paths) of customer engagment
  • Specific responsibility for the activities and tasks should be assigned to task managers (point people) whose mission is to constantly improve the effectiveness of the process
  • All content is designed to elicit an action (input, suggestions, pledges, support) from your audience
  • Content refers to both the information presented on the website as well as that communicated through various channels (blogs, e-mail, social media, SMS, telephone conversations, and face to face meetings)