In an interconnected world, if the media doesn’t talk about your vision, it doesn’t exist.

pape.jpgThe principality was born in reaction to a French administrative proposal to regroup French villages of less than 20 000 inhabitants. The proposal would have literally wiped Laàs off the map.

Laàs in general, and the Prince in particular, have done their best to make front-page news ever since.

The principality has regularly been the subject of feature stories in the French national newspapers, radios, and television.

The Prince has sought sister city status with the Principality of Monaco, obtained an audience with the Pope François to discuss the plight of rural villages, and offered refuge to both well know stars and the common folk that have suffered from current events.

Some news has been better received than others.  The prince’s invitation to Brigitte Bardot has resulted in regular correspondence between the two, whereas the principality’s gift to Kim Kardashian was criticized in the regional press. 


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