Quality of life is the fundamental objective of the Principality’s public policy.  

stilts.jpgThe future of Làas isn’t tied to that of European’s metropolitan areas, but to the “Laasion” concept of rurality based on promoting a different meaning of time and space.

Several principles underpin this vision:

  • Whereas corporate profit is the currency of global markets, respect for the common good underlies the principality’s economy.
  • If "post-truth" seems to dominate world politics, sense-making is fundamental guideline of community discourse.
  • Solidarity is a key to citizenship between generations and between the village and all those that share this vision of the future
  • The Prince’s role isn’t to take decisions for the principality’s citizens, but to help each citizen retake control of their own destiny.   
  • Lifestyle is a synonym for “art de vivre” and can be experienced though the promotion of local ecology, culture, art, and gastronomy

 In sum, this vision of the future isn’t based on efficiency (quicker and cheaper means better) but on effectiveness -  taking whatever time you need to truly appreciate what the principality has to offer.