From "Made in France" to "Designed in Laàs"  

The economy of Laàs, originally built around stone masonry and the handicrafts, has been in search of a second wind since well before the turn of the century.

mariage.jpgIn the Prince’s vision, economic prosperity is less a question of attracting production facilities than promoting exceptional talent in tourism and service industries.

Tourism is prospering and diversifying. The Usson Finance Group recently announced an investment of 1,4 million Euros over the next ten years to over ecological lodging and activities in the Laàs Castle park.

The Principality has made a pitch for a co-working space to favor high tech startups. The Prince has recently received a delegation from the “La Ruche” to discuss the pertinence of such an offer in the region.

Finally, the vision of “Crown Financing” is being developed to leverage the Laàs brand around exclusive design of life events (marriages, birthdays, etc.) and culinary treats.