In 2015, fourteen commercial or industrial activities  were registered in Làas. Of these, 38% were agricultural activities.

Almost all of the companies in Laàs can be classified as micro-entreprises. Only the agricultural producer Heguilein and the Castle employ more than 10 people.

In 2013, 81% of the population between 15 and 64 were employed. Of this total 75% was employed, leaving the unemployment rate at 6,1%. Only 9% of the active population both live and work in the Principality.

Students represented 3,8 % of the population, while 11,4% of the population was retired.  These official statistics may be somewhat misleading, the Prince estimates that nearly half the active population today may be in reality retired.

The Béret Français® is recognized as a Living Heritage Company with the EPV label, and today offers two brands whose materials and models are designed, designed and manufactured under conditions 100% made in France.

The Jauréguiberry cabinet works is a family business that designs and manufactures wooden furniture, custom kitchens and all special orders of high quality and exceptional craftsmanship. 

The  locally produced Ossau-iraty won  the World's Best Unpasteurised Cheese in the World Cheese Awards Competition.