Laàs Castle was built in the beginning of the 15th century. The current castle sits in the middle of a 12-hectare park featuring French and Italian gardens, centennial trees, and placid ponds. The castle houses one of the most beautiful art deco collections in France, paintings by Elisabeth Vigée, Lebrun, Breughel, Rubens, Fragonard, as well as 17th and 18th tapestries and furniture.

Since their inception in 1996, the Musical Transhumance of Laàs have welcomed thirty headline acts and tens of thousands of spectators.  The central theme of ​​this festival has been to highlight Basque Music, country ballads and polyphonies. As a centuries-old pilgrim stop on the road to Santiago de Compostela, Laàs was a natural choice for this ode to the spirit of music. 

Modeled after the Grand Prix of Monaco, Laàs’ Three Hours of the Wheelbarrow became an annual event in 1983. The principle of now classical road race is deceivingly simple:  teams of 6 people (4 pushers and 2 passengers) push a wheelbarrow along a course of 375 meters traced through the streets of the Principality. The winning crew is the one who has traveled the farthest in 3 hours time.