How can we change a small village into a global community?

The solution lies in exploring the links between local and global communities, digital and physical economies, and individual and collective action


The Principality officially declared its independence on January 1, 2015. More than just the land, the buildings, and the parks, the Principality represents a vision of a citizenship, a lifestyle, and a community.  The Principality isn’t a private bastion hidden behind the castle walls, but as a public place defined by a vision, actors, events, and outcomes.

To help put this vision into practice, the Prince has identified four conceptual tools that can be deployed to turn this vision into reality:

  • The experience economy postulates that economic value today will be tied to the quality of customer experiences within the community.  
  • A local currency can contribute to a better utilization of human and material resources, and thus contributes to strengthening local purchasing power.
  • The practice of gamification in applying game mechanics to engage and motivate citizens to achieve organizational goals.
  • The pursuit of well-being, rather than financial gain, to gauge the public’s appreciation of the political, economic,  and societal initiatives

Put your imagination to work in demonstrating how these tools can be used to build unique products, services and experiences for the Principality of Laàs!