Qualifying prospects is all about gathering insights necessary to make them make the "right" decision.

The Facebook profile of Laàs currently has nearly 1000 “friends”.  On one level, we know very little about these individuals today, the motivations behind their support, and their own challenges and objectives.  On another level, we haven't analyzed their social media habits, which communication channels they use and what they communicate.

Let’s qualify these contacts along with those provided by the Principality.

In the case of the principality of Laàs, what are you trying to sell (a vision, a call to action, sponsorship…)? What data do we need to know if the prospect is a good fit for our offer? What data and actions do we need to envision to transform our prospects into community members, and our members into active citizens of the principality?

Let’s complete these profiles in our data base with four types of information.

  • Social media profiles
  • Needs
  • Decision making process
  • Competing engagements