The economy of Laàs can be built around both a platform model of public spaces and emphasis on the quality of customer experiences in the arts and crafts, leisure time, and tourist industries.

The platform model suggests that communities can leverage physical and virtual spaces to monetize the interactions between producers and consumers of products, services, and ideas.  The experience economy theorizes that economic value is tied to the quality of customer experiences in community interactions.  

In Làas, these ideas are put into practice to structure the future economy of the Principality, and condition the role of public policy in encouraging commerce, employment, and prosperity.

“Crown funding” promotes economic growth in designating official suppliers of the Principality who produce, design and market exclusive lines of goods and services to the community of Laàs.

A pop-up marketplace has been developed to offer Laasion goods and services at various locations inside the Principality during the tourist season.  Royal outlets are being developed to offer Laasion products abroad.

A proposal for a royal “coop” can allow local residents to collectively purchase consumer goods and produce that would be delivered to a central location in the commune.

Finally, a virtual shopping gallery will facilitate the marketing of products made or designed in Laàs.