Case Study 

I walked into  a village and walked out with a new way of seeing the world...

The case study of the Principality of Laàs is designed to help the higher educational community reflect on the inter-relationships  between the notions of local and global,  virtual and real, and between individual and collective decision making.

Developed by Dr. Lee Schlenker with support from the kind folks at NationBuilder, the case can be used to study and develop the themes of service innovation, community management, territorial marketing, and the digital economy.

The case itself is divided into four sections dealing with the structure of the case, the context of the Principality, the challenges of rural economies, and potential tools to build for the future.

The case study outlines four potential deliverables: the vision of the principality (using narrative management techniques), the identification and qualification of the community, the structure and content of a multi-channel community platform, and the proposal of the Principality’s digital strategy.

The context of the Principality details it’s physical and social geography, culture, economy, and politics.

The challenges of the Principality resume the issues and objectives identified by the Prince of Laàs: insuring the population’s lifestyle, fueling the economic vitality of the principality, amplifying its notoriety, and stabilizing the demographics.

The conceptual tools that have been identified to help build their future include digital commerce, a parallel currency, gamification, and a local well-being index.