The Principality of Laàs 

I walked into  a village and walked out with a new way of seeing the world...

Nestled in the mountains along the border between France and Spain, the Principality of Laàs is an initiative of its mayor Jacques Pédehontaà.

He first proposed the idea in August 2011 to protest against the administrative reforms of the French government. As of May 2014, the principality is registered as a non-profit association in the Prefecture of Pau. The Principality officially declared its independence on January 1, 2015. 

In June there will be appointed fifty ambassadors across five continents. “They will have their diplomatic passports, the flag of the Principality and a bag  full of humor to be taken with a few grains of salt....,” offers Jacques Pédehontaà, the "prince" of Laas. The principality of Laàs has borders but… “borders open to all that share our passion and values!"